Craziest and Weirdest Japanese inventions

Published By Fatma AlSayegh 30 December 2016 Here are some of the craziest and weirdest Japanese inventions that you don’t need but definitely want: 1. Hand-chopper 2. No lace Shoe 3. Smart Car Vending Machine 4. Umbrella tie 5. Umbrella shoes 6. Butter stick 7. Eyedropper funnel 8. 360 degree camera 9. Pocket tie 10. Tissue … More Craziest and Weirdest Japanese inventions

Snaps from Japan 

Published By: Hessa Meshar 27 December 2016 Mount Fuji Torii on Miyajima Rice Terraces Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Subway Station, Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Breakfast, Tokyo Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama Whale Sharks, Okinawa  Geisha Portrait Azaleas in Bloom Japanese Macaques, Honshu New Year’s Rice Cakes Festival Float, Hirosaki Himeji-Jo Resources