General information: The Land of the Rising Sun

Published by: Shamma Al Marri

December 23, 2016

For its unique geographical location, japan wins the title of “the land of the rising sun”. This country lies on the eastern side of the Asian continent, where the sun rises. That’s why their flag consists of a red circle in the middle of a white background, a figure that represents the sun.

Japan holds one of the largest populations, having more than 120 million people. However, many of Japan’s domains are unpopulated. Japan has many islands, most of which are inhabitable since most are volcanic regions and tree covered mountains. This results in over half of that country to be depopulated.

Their capital, Tokyo, is an amazing city, bursting with animated monthly events and great celebrations. Tokyo is the city where most Japanese events occur that’s why it’s almost impossible to find Tokyo not packed. Tokyo is a very vital city in japan since it is the brain of Japanese businesses, celebrations, and government.



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