Japan Grows Old

Published By: Dana Maher

29 December 2016

Picture1.pngEverybody dreams about working in Japan as it’s known for its fluctuating, fast-growing economy, low unemployment rate, high wages, skilled labors, and high positions. Will many foreigner’s dreams are going to come true, due to the existence of a shortage in skilled labors, because of the country’s aging population; the percentage of people over 65 is the highest among all the neighboring countries and is expected to age more and more through the upcoming years; thus Japan decided to hire foreigners in certain jobs only such as:

  1. Engineering: Many engineering jobs are available in Japan, but for foreign engineers, they are allowed to work in certain sectors only such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering.
  1. Information Technology: Most IT shops and companies hire few foreigners and most of them are from India, as they’re known for their qualified skills in IT.
  1. Investment Banks: The investment banks are known for enrolling a lot of foreign workers, although they have an unsteady environment; due enrolling and desisting large numbers of workers every year.
  1. English Teacher: Teaching English is one of the perfect jobs in Japan due to the good conditions, safe environment, and high wages.
  1. Office work (General): If you’re willing to work in an office as a principal, supervisor, or director it’s possible only to those that own a valid visa and have adequate Japanese language skills.
  1. Japanese companies expanding globally: Many Japanese companies are expanding quickly into the global market, thus they started to hire only the expertise of foreign professionals.
  1. Small Business: Many foreign entrepreneurs had successfully started small businesses and accomplished high rates, thus Japan is welcoming and supporting foreign businesses.
  2. Actors: If you know how to act and speak Japanese it’s quite easy to be part of Japanese series and films, there are about 80% of foreign professional actors and actress who became famous in Japan.
  1. Models: Modeling agencies in japan are always looking for new faces; thus, they hire foreign people to work as models.
  2. Research and Professorships: Japan is the 3rd country known worldwide for having the top and best researchers and professorships, they always hire the best and top foreign researchers and professorships that specifically have qualified skills in robot research.

Well, those are one of the top ten jobs available for foreigners in Japan, which foreigners can exceed their talents and skills through and become professionals and well-trained, from my perspective working in Japan is a great opportunity in which you get the chance to gain a good experience, learn new techniques and fulfill your dreams.

Workers in Japan are dedicated to their work and have good time management

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