A Trip to Japan

Published by Dana Maher

2nd December 2016

Japan is a popular travel destination known worldwide, it includes both traditional and modern attractions. People can visit Japan for work, fun, adventure, friends, family, shopping, seeking a job, running a business, entertainment, nightlife, or tourism; well, whatever their reason is; the consequences are the same; they’ll all enjoy their time, go through a new experience, discover new places, and collect unforgettable memories, and if they would like to enjoy their trip more they can join a tourism group that will guide them through the trip.
The places below are one of the top attractive places in Japan that tourists should visit:

  1. Mount Fuji: an active volcano located in the south region of Tokyo, and is one of the tallest peaks in the country.


  1. Imperial Palace: is a fascinating site with natural, impressive gardens and tours, and is the main residence of the emperor of Japan.


  1. Universal Studios Japan: is a charming theme park, based on the popular American movies, which includes fascinating rides and entertainments.


  1. Tokyo National Museum: Stately museum complex devoted to the art & antiquities of Japan, as well as other Asian countries.


  1. Tokyo Disney Sea: is a marvellous theme park located at the Tokyo Disney resort.


  1. Awaji Island: is an island that connects Japan to the city of Kobe and is well known for the famous, traditional puppet theatre.


  1. Akan National Park: is one of the most aged national parks in Japan.


  1. Golden Pavilion: is the most trendy and attractive tourist attraction in Japan and Tokyo.


  1. Tokyo Tower: is a tower that proves the development of technology and improvement of modern life, it’s inspired by the Eiffel tower and is the 2nd tallest tower in Japan.


  1. Great Buddha of Kamakura: Great Buddha of Kamakura: is an enormous outdoor figure that embodies Amida Buddha; one of Japan’s famous and ionized Buddhist figures.


Well of course, those are only some places that you can visit in Japan; this guide can help you decide where to go in Japan without the help of a tour group, and if you’re still hesitant about visiting Japan you can look at some of the personal experience of people that visited Japan.

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