Words You Need to Learn Before Going to Japan

Published By: Hind Alsayyah

4 December 2016

In Japan, there are many useful words that you can use if you visited Japan, but there are almost 100 words that people use daily, and they are helpful for visitors to use in case of emergency or asking for location, food, and many others.

These are some words that will be helpful for you:

手洗い (tearai)

Just like toilet, but a little more all-inclusive.


助けて (tasukete)

Just yell this out and (maybe) someone will come to you

Stop it!

やめて! (yamete!)

Maybe somebody is messing with you and you want them to stop (yakuza?). You could say this.


警察 (keisatsu)

If something really bad happens, these are the people you want to ask for.


危ない (abunai)

You’ll see this on signs and stuff. If someone says “abunai” to you, you should probably be careful.


質問 (shitsumon)

Have a question? Let someone know. Couple this with “eigo! eigo!” and maybe someone who can speak some English will come to answer your shitsumon.


ホテル (hoteru)

You’ll need to be able to find this if you’re traveling in Japan.


タクシー (takushi)

Expensive, but you can find them everywhere






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