Top 20 Weirdest Kit Kat Flavors

Published By: Hessa Meshar

18 October 2016

Whenever you go shopping at the supermarket, you can never resist not buying one of the delicious Kit Kat bars. Japan took the Kit Kat to a new level with more than 200 flavors!

Here are some of the unusual Kit Kat flavors:

20. Strawberry Kit Kat

19. Mango Kit Kat 

18. Black Sugar Kit Kat

17. Cherry Blossom Kit Kat

16. Brown sugar syrup Kit Kat

15. Fruit Parfait Kit Kat

14. Salt Watermelon Kit Kat 

13. Green Tea Kit Kat

12. Cappuccino Kit Kat

11. Caramel Macchiato Kit Kat

10. Bubblegum Kit Kat

9. Red Bean Paste Kit Kat

8. Ginger Ale Kit Kat


7. Grilled Potato Kit Kat

6. Apple Vinegar Kit Kat


5. Sweet Corn Kit Kat


4. Veggie Kit Kat


3. Hot Japanese chilli Kit Kat


2. Japanese rice wine Kit Kat


1. Soy Sauce Kit Kat



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